A new, useful view of you

Thor Infotech  has been established to empower individuals to take control of their personal heath and well being. Our products will consolidate information from yourself, from your health devices and apps, and from your health care providers to give you a complete view of your health.

Personally Controlled Health Record

Thor Infotech’s PCHR product will provide the tools individuals need to manage their health independently or in collaboration with healthcare professionals.

Data Platform

Thor Information Technology’s powerful data aggregation and application development platform will combine clinical data and personal health data for a 360° view of a patient’s health.

Clinical information

Individuals receive treatment at their GP practice or at the hospital. But the vast majority of care is handled at home by the individual. So why are all their records and history stored in NHS silos? What if that person moves or visits across NHS divisions, say from Wales to Scotland? Our platform will offer interactive tools so individuals and healthcare providers can share information in real time to effectively manage a person’s health.

+ Lifestyle information

In current times people are very engaged with lifestyle health apps. From bespoke gym workouts to running, nutrition, weight management, sleep – there is an app for each one. What is not generally available is the ability for apps to talk to each other. For example an individual using a popular IoT app to measure weight will not be able to other than physically re-enter this weight into their running app and their nutrition app. Thor Infotech’s platform will close these loops over all apps, in the fullness of time.

= Informed decisions

Thor Infotech solutions will give individuals a range of tools from helping to graphically understand their information and their data to providing comprehensive tools and resources to make change. Whether you want to manage a lifestyle choice like running or eating, or to manage a clinical condition we aim to enable individuals to take control by giving a holistic view of their data and the tools to understand and manage this.