Connecting Lifestyle apps

Tower of Babel

Donald has got to lose weight before the summer. He has been using FatSecret to monitor his nutrition, but even though he has a good habit of entering his food intake he is not losing weight. He suspects he is not monitoring his exercise adequately. So he buys a NokiaHealth scale and ambitiously downloads Couch to 5K. Only then does he realise that he cannot feed the calories burned from Couch to 5K to FatSecret And actually he cannot put the weight he now measures twice a day on his NokiaHealth scale onto either FatSecret or Couch to 5K. Well… he CAN do it manually but who has the time for that? The whole value of the scale is lost becasue it does not feed directly to either app so he may have well continued to use his basic scale and manually enter the weights in to both apps, because oh yes, in order to calculate how many calories  burned, Couch to 5K needs to know your weight.

Donald – keen as he is – does a wee bit of research and finds that if he has the google fit app he could use this as some kinda nexus of information, which would pass the info between apps. So he downloads this and only THEN discovers that you have to be a programmer who knows how to work “APIs” in order to get this functionality.

Donald did not get his summer body. Not this year anyway.

All the apps Donald engaged have strong reputations out there. The NHS – one of the largest organisations in the world dedicated solely to heath – recommends Couch to 5K. FatSecret is a popular nutritional app and NokiaHealth is the go to company for consumer medical internet of things devices. Why then did Donald have such an issue? Because these apps silo their information, and only communicate between each other after an agreement of sorts has been reached. For example, Loseit! can talk to Runkeeper. Perhaps there are logistic reasons or commercial reasons why Loseit!  does not talk to Couch to 5K, but that is really no help to Donald and hundreds of thousands like him.

Thor Infotech believes that Donald’s data belongs to him, be it from FatSecret, NokiaHealth or Couch to five. we understand that each of these apps has a function and serves this function well. But in so doing, each app is collecting data which belongs do Donald. Donald should not be limited to just owing this data in each app, he should OWN it and pass it on to which ever other app or indeed health professional as he chooses.

Thor Infotech’s Personally Controlled Health Record will collect all your info from all your health and lifestyle apps, and store it securely for you, and make it available to which ever other of your apps you wish to share it to.