The Proposition

Elevator pitch

Imagine people who were so interested in their own health that they kept their health files with them? Every time they went to the doctor say, or the gym, they would show the professional  the information that matters and they would demand meaningful input / feedback for their file? Imagine people were so engaged with their health that they reviewed some part of this file at least once a day? Updated at least some part of the file with new information every day? And researched how to improve their health based on the information in their file?

Imagine this file. A file so relevant that it starts the day you are born and gets handed to you on your 16th birthday, and stays with you for life. That contains so much health information that the doctor asks to see it each time you visit, preferring it over their own records.

This file is possible. Thor Infotech’s Personally Controlled Health Record is where it starts.


There is a plethora of health and fitness related applications (apps), some supported by mobile apps. However, there is a distance between the “fitness / healthy lifestyle” (lifestyle) apps and “clinical” apps. Put another way: although technically an app can fulfil both these functions, in practice apps are either focused on the consumer or on parastatal bodies responsible for health and social care.

This gap in focus is caused by the different motives of the commissioning parties. Where the app is a commercial app, its mass appeal to consumers is most relevant – running, weight loss, nutrition etc. On the other hand, the motivation for parastatals is focused on potentially ill, or ill, or recovering patients – care plans, vital signs monitoring, inflammatory bowel disease etc.

In consequence, clinician and their patient do not benefit from commercial, market driven innovations in technology. The consumer cannot deliver their tracked health data to their health care provider. Little or no data from commercial apps is made available for public health purposes. And most significantly, few apps can speak one to the other, even among the commercial apps.


It’s time to shift the paradigm; the focus of health and fitness apps should not be on consumers or patients, but persons.

The reason persons engage and connect with lifestyle apps and clinical apps alike is to achieve better health outcomes. The potential to gain better health outcomes is dramatically increased when people are engaged and connected with all aspects of their health, including the monitoring of activity levels and vital signs, communication with health care providers, managing care or health improvement plans and researching health related information.

By putting persons at the centre of focus,Thor Infotech will revolutionise healthcare.

Thor Infotech’s Personally Controlled Health Record

A Thor Infotech Personally Controlled Health Record (thiPCHR) connects persons to their lifestyle apps, and securely stores this information over a lifetime. Secure transfer protocols enable health records from health care providers to be pushed to thiPCHR. ThiPCHR offers secure organisation and storage of this information and renders a complete summary of a person’s total health story.


Thor Infotech’s Research Areas

Continuous research, development and innovation explores and delivers the benefits that persons and populations can extract from individual and aggregated thiPCHRs.

Repository – answering the question “how can persons gain maximum benefit from this app?” this research delivers high quality, meaningful presentation of data, personalisation/customisation, and health education/health information.

Collaboration – a real focus on putting all health information into the thiPCHR rather than information being siloed in various commercial apps or NHS systems. And then passing relevant portions of information to providers as individuals or in a group, for the purpose of collaboration on an aspect of health improvement. This research is all about security, effective communication and data sharing.

Health management tools – the logical progression is the generation of tools for health management. Again, very person centric as opposed to being guidance for care or service providers. This research delivers tools for managing mental health or dermatological patient pathways for example.

The Insights and Analytics platform processes and explores data and returns useful information to persons and groups. Also, it consolidates public health information, marketing information and customer intelligence information.

The Mission

Thor Infotech is here to help individuals gather their health information and store this securely, to understand this information, and to use it to maintain or improve their health.