Are electronic health records in vouge?

The NHS is considering this for new born infants.
Southampton’s teaching hospitals think giving patients access to their health records is worth an investment of £75k.
Joined up Leeds has investigated what people would want in a person held record.
The Australian Government already provides electronic health records for its citizens.
Malta already provides electronic health records for its citizens.
You should read about how Sweden is giving all citizens access to their electronic health records.

The big players

Google found it could not scale their Google Health offering fast enough so it pulled the plug on it. It then controversially got its hands on enough information to make some it worth while from a data mining perspective, but this product is not aimed at the public.
Microsoft continues to support and develop HealthVault.

Offerings similar to thiPCHR

GetWellNetwork provides a platform which includes health records but is really directed at the health care provider.
Track My Medical Records and Your Health Record are consumer focused.